4 Benefits of Automation in Your Practice

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Automation may sound scary, but it can benefit your practice in many ways. From streamlining scheduling and payroll to changing the way you diagnose patients, automation is undeniably essential.

1. Cut Costs

Automation can help you stay in the black. For every practice, how to save money is always a top question.

Using automated services can reduce human error, which means less money spent fixing mistakes. Instead of adding up your expenses yourself, use a system that can calculate them for you.

You can automate your scheduling system, which will ensure you never have another double booking again. With all the ways to book appointments today, it’s essential to have one automated system to check for double bookings and send reminder emails to patients.

In addition to keeping patients informed about upcoming appointments, an automated scheduling system can also send them reminders about yearly check-ups, allows patients to make an appointment online, and makes sending out email newsletters easier.

2. Faster Diagnoses

Recently, several automated diagnosis tools have emerged. There are now machines that can detect retinopathy from a retinal photo. Although the technology is several years old, it’s finally become more cost-effective.

There are also up and coming technologies that can help to automate a glaucoma diagnosis. Researchers believe that these technologies and imaging, IOP, and VA, will be a cost-effective alternative to the current system in the future.

3. Save Time

Automation also saves you time. Use apps that help you cut down on paperwork, or allow you to have virtual meetings. The less time you spend signing documents or traveling for meetings, the more time you have for your patients.

4. Better Compliance & Financial Insight

Automation can also help you keep your financial records in order. It can be challenging for a small practice to keep up to date with all the relevant financial and tax information, while also focusing on patient care.

Using a system that automatically records ingoing and outgoing payments, business expenses, and other financial information can help you to ensure that you have a clear record.

Automation can also include using outside resources. Outsourcing accounting for small businesses is a smart way to ensure compliance and save time.

If you’ve kept an automatic record of all your expenses, it will be easy to send all your financial information to your accountant. They can keep track of tax deadlines and changing compliance regulations for you, and let you know if there’s a significant change.

Final Thoughts

Your practice can benefit from automation financially and structurally. Working with a reliable tax and bookkeeping accountant can help you to streamline your business and ensure you never miss a tax deadline.

Caro & Associates has worked with many optometry practices over the years. We understand the industry-specific financial issues your practice might encounter and know how to handle them.

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